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Team Summary

Both the founders - Abhishek, Arindam are doctoral candidates at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta in Operations Management and Strategic Management. Their rigorous academic training cultivates sound knowledge of grounded research along with data analysis and resource optimization techniques.The acceptance from more than 15 international conferences showcases the global acceptance of the quality research that they have undertaken. Being management students, they are exposed to the all the functional domains of management- finance, marketing, behavioral-science, economics, etc. Abhishek was elected as the member of student council for successive two years. The highest individual rating for two successive terms demonstrates his ability to work in the diverse team consisting of people from all walks of the life.

In last one year both the cofounders have gone to clinics, hospitals to understand the system dynamics in the healthcare system. Abhishek has six doctors in his close relatives, so he gathered minute details about the entire ecosystem. Additionally, both the cofounders have spent their childhood in villages, due to which they know the ground reality and system dynamics quite extensively.
The cofounders are also in the talks with a technology partner, who has established himself in this field and owned the patent


Founding Team


Reliance Infrastructure (2009 - 2011)
Assistant Manager in Operations Department


Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Doctoral Program (Fellow Program) • 2012 - 2015

B. Tech. • 2005 - 2009

Team Members

Arindam Mondal

Arindam Mondal


Product/Service Summary

Govt of India has established 1PHC/35K rural population to provide basic healthcare service.The lack of medical facilities forces villagers to spend around $8.8Bn for medical facilities at private doctors/city places.We provide the highest quality medical consultation from domain experts to the rural India at an affordable price through telemedicin

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