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Onlinestorz provides you a variety of products ranging from Electronics, Camera, Watches, PC, Laptop

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Media Coverage

Onlinestorz participiated in Make in india event at mumbai.



Media Coverage being awarded Rising star award of the year 2016



Team Summary

The concept and Business venture is promoted by Sun Micro Networks Private Limited, a veteran in the field of Information Technology and E-Commerce solutions. is an E-Commerce shopping portal catering to Indian marketplace, providing free of cost registration to Buyers, Sellers and Manufacturers. It provides an electronic multi-vendor interface to integrate all vendors on a common platform and enables them to showcase, advertise, market and sell their product range to a large populace of online consumers who prefer to purchase a variety of attractive and cost effective products, brands and offers online from the comfort of their homes. OnlinestorZ provides its customers with the fastest, reliable and low cost shipping of products and merchandise all the way to your doorstep


Founding Team

Vision: To create disruptive business models in e-commerce space to transform the sector and create value for both buyers and sellers 20 years+ experience

CEO (2003 - present)


Govt higher secondary / SP College/University of Kashmir/Delhi University
Master of Science (M.S.)

Product/Service Summary

Onlinestorz is a concept virtual e-marketplace which aims to integrate Buyers, Sellers and Manufacturers on a common platform in order to eliminate the ancillary costs of distribution and retail marketing, making it possible to provide quality products and Brands to the end users or buyers at an affordable price. This enables vendors to sell quality products and Brands at reasonable prices directly to the end users or Buyers

Product/Service Descriptions