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  • Mumbai, India
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OOHSquare.com will change the Out of Home Media industry, offering 100% Measurability & Accountability, we create a real time market place

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Started the process to raise funds



New Product Release

OAC 2016. OOH Industry's biggest convention. We would like to launch ourselves


New Product Release

OOH Square Mobile App, with Web Crawler based back-end, which integrates SM



Team Summary

What started as an automation process, between an agency & its supplier. Led to development of a unique, 1st of its kind, most comprehensive cloud based platform, to cater to Out of home media industry. Currently we are 2 people, who used to take help from Rahul's existing infrastructure. we intend to build a team, which will change the Out of home media landscape in India


    • Rahul Ghatalia

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

The idea behind www.oohsqaure.com is to create a synergy between the media owners, the media buyers, the planners, and all the intermediaries. We want to create a market place for Out of Home Media, offering real time solutions on cloud based platform. We offer 100% measurability & accountability. We want to organise the unorganised media market

How are we different?

The platform brings in Measure ability, transparency, accountability. We are taking the biggest challenge faced by the industry Head on. We are expanding the market, in order to grow and reach potential untapped markets. Media owners, buyers, planers and clients all have same, real time access to information, making decision making process fast

Product/Service Descriptions