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  • Bangalore, India
  • EducationEducation Technology, Mobile

Open My Book helps college students borrow used books through a mobile app at a rent of Re 1 per day


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Team Summary

Chirag has worked for two years as an Android developer with Wipro. He would be CEO, taking care of tech and Operations.
Syamili has worked with Wipro for two years. She would help in marketing - both digital and on the ground.


Founding Team

Chirag V Kashyap


Syamili Syam


Product/Service Summary

Open My Book is a books and study material rental company targeted towards college students. Users can borrow books from us at an affordable price of Re 1 per day per book using the convenience of a mobile app. The app is destined to become India’s most affordable, reliable and flexible book sharing service targeted towards the large market of college students.
The app shall enable users to donate their used books to us. We shall collaborate with other apps - BookMyShow and Paytm to provide cashbacks to our users in exchange of books. We shall store and maintain such books and build up a collection. We would rent these books to students. The user shall have the flexibility to decide the number of days he would keep the book. The user pays the amount upfront and through the app. He will be able to extend the return date as well through the app.
The app facilitates sharing of books between users. In this way, the app shall put together a network that acts like a many to many library.

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