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  • Surat, India
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Our Art Project will help more than millions unemployed Artist to provide employment over Nation.

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Art Director Operations, Product Manager
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Surat, India
creativity, Painting, Social, public relation

Job Description

    Experience with an emphasis on Fine  Arts including Paintings and Drawing.
    A conceptual powerhouse who can deliver world-class executions of innovative service across all e-commerce platforms.
    Understands the role of social and how to connect with audiences in an authentic way.
    Has strong technology skills, attention to detail and shows initiative and eagerness to learn more.
    Proven ability to work as part of a collaborative team with Creative, Artist and social leads.
    Ability to support other designers and senior leads while taking direction.
    Present your work to diverse client teams with clear and pointed articulation.
    Directs fundraising efforts for various arts initiatives.

CMO Sales & Marketing
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Surat, India
Advertising, Marketing, vendor development

Job Description
The primary responsibility of a startup CMO is to build and maintain a strong relationship with customers. As a startup evolves and grows, the role of CMO evolves, as well.

In early stages, say when you don't have a product yet built, the CMO should build interest in people by communicating to the world about the   problem and how the startup is solving it. He should reach out to potential buyers through different channels. A good example to follow is Marketo, they had some 16000 people ready to buy their product when they launched, they built interest in people through blogging and other activities. Once the product is launched, CMO will engage with the customers and collect feedback from them to improve the product. Once the product achieved product -market fit, CMO will supervise the lead generation, brand building and other activities.

Develop and implement long-term and annual business/marketing plans

Manage and hire a high-performing team based on strengths, talents, group dynamics and business needs while providing clear direction, feedback and development to direct reports

Create and present highly polished, inspiring presentations for brands, retailers, partners, executive management and Board of Directors

Own P&L management, marketing initiative ROI analysis, and key performance metric reporting

Coordinate teams devoted to user growth, activation and retention, PR, and marketing partnerships while managing and building relationships with key agency partners

Build a strong analytics engine to measure performance and inform decisions for prioritizing and optimizing all marketing campaigns, with a focus on spend efficiency across all programs

Team Summary


Founding Team

jignesh gajera

Founder, CEO

Co Founder @ Campmode infotech


Campmode infotech (2015 - present)
Co Founder


University of Pune
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Product/Service Summary

india is a fastest growing marketplace for art. We are focused on art you hang, selling handmade portrait,sketch and one-of-a-kind paintings.

Our mission is to make art accessible to those who want original art. we provides artists a platform on which to sell their work. We do this in two ways:
1 ) Visualization: A distinct focus on mobile technol

Product/Service Descriptions