Innokreat Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Gurgaon, India
  • AnalyticsEmployee Wellness, Human Resources, Mobile

A context aware employee wellness app to improve their lifestyle keeping their constraints in mind

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Manu Gupta
EPBM IIM Calcutta
B. Tech NIT Kurukshtra( Electronics and Communication
14 years of experience in leading telecom software management and deveolpment in Nokia, Aricent, Skyworks Qualcomm etc.


Product/Service Summary

We make employee wellness better by providing context aware wellness apps which are well integrated with the environment and company facilities and culture.
We also make companies aware of the employees' cumulative health data to use it in policy making like office timings, work from home facilities etc.
We charge for the customizations and the services provided by our wellness experts.

How are we different?

Instead of typical wellness apps which are not context aware and not bespoke for an organization our apps learn from the external environment, company environment, employee behaviour and provides more useful nudges which are easier to integrate in a person's routine.
We integrate the company's existing wellness initiatives in the app so that instead of competing with each other they are supporting each other.
We give organization insights to enhance employee wellness at a policy level
We customize the look and feel of the app for the company to generate greater engagement.
We work at 6 levels
Observe-> Assess->Nudge->Analyse->Recommend->Give Feedback to Company.

Product/Service Descriptions