FeniXLabs Inc

  • Hosur, India

An ultra modern online grocery marketplace, to provide local supplies, uses ultra-modern analytics!


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Team Summary

We have always been onto doing certain things so differently, and that was the one single factor that has united us four since our childhood. While we've diversified ourselves into different areas to learn much to our interests; to join back together now to form a company of our own, building upon the expertise we had, and always doing things best!


Product/Service Summary

ourlocalstore, is a super-advanced and futuristic online marketplace to simplify the process of ordering monthly supplies from the local grocery stores. We use ultra-modern bigdata analytics to assess, predict, and provide all tier of users with a great user centric experience!

How are we different?

Our solution is atlas 2 - 3 years ahead of whatever we've ever seen in the ecommerce industry! That would also mean that we are going to stay ahead of all the current generation ecommerce platforms, leading a wave thru; to make the rest of the crowd follow us. Do have a look in at our proposal to realise why we are different from the regular crowd.

Product/Service Descriptions