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Wearable Screens

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Team Summary

Parth has worked in Marketing industry for more than 5 years. His experience of working in marketing at India and USA is very useful. HIs education Bachelor's of Engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University and MBA from Brandeis University International Business School makes him a goof fit to run the company


Founding Team

Parth Shah


Product/Service Summary

We have a product -Wearable Screens
It solves problem of attracting customers.
Currently all the means of marketing offline are : Hoardings,TV Screens at fixed location,newspapers or TV Commercial(Mute or change channel).
The visibility is high but attraction, sales are low. There is zero chances of interacting with customers through this media.
The product solves the problem - It is Walking Media. Walk,Listen,Watch,Communicate,convert. As the product is attractive and you can communicate your advertisement through this product the promoter then has an opportunity to have a conversation with potential customers and convert them to customers. It can also be used for Branding purpose by printing the brand, message around T-Shirt.

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