Pawan tech

  • Delhi, India
  • Automobile, electric cars

Aftermarket high performance electric car conversion making electric cars fun to drive.


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Team Summary

The team has right now 4 members, 1 taking care of the electronics part, one taking care of the procurement part, 1 preparing the B-plan as well as an innovative marketing plan, one is technical head who is designing the virtual model. The rest of the team would be basically mechanics who would be made to build the prototype based on the founder's calculations.


Product/Service Summary

A customized electric vehicle which is better than the Reva but less costly than the Tesla cars. best suited for india conditions.

How are we different?

India has only one choice of electric vehicles now. And simply said it isnt good enough for a right minded man to buy one. If we would be able to change the perception of electric vehicles in india. There are 120 crore customers to choose from. Customer feedbacks will be taken. They will be given custom made vehicles according to their preferences

Product/Service Descriptions