• Mumbai, India
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Cross-platform mobile gaming company focusing on "social user interactions"

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PaxPlay - on a mission to make mobile social games more interactive |


Mumbai based PaxPlay Wants to Make Mobile Gaming More Social |


Team Summary

PaxPlay is founded by a group of IIT-Bombay alumni, who are passionate about Design, Hack and more importantly Games. We have a great mix of design, animation and hack skilsl at PaxPlay. The team is currently made up of 5 IIT grads and look forward to extending it to 12-15 people in the next couple of months.


    • Sumeet Kalindi

    • Chief Design Officer

Product/Service Summary

CrossPlatform social mobile games with enabling of turn based group gaming, multiplayer gaming models. We believe game are fun when played with each other and that's exactly what we are doing. Our focus area is multiplayer turnbased arcade games when 2 or more player from different geographies can play together.

How are we different?

We believe in one philosophy that is "games are more fun when played together"
We would be focusing on turn based multiplayer arcade games which are naturally multiplayer games like monopoly, ludo, turn based tank fights etc.
We see a very big gap in the market currently in this genre and we want to be a market leader of this genre.

Product/Service Descriptions