PB Portable

  • Mumbai, India

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Team Summary

Puneet Kumar-29 years, Bachelor of Commerce Graduate from St. Xavier's Mumbai & Post graduate in Master of Commerce from Sydenham college .
Experience:- Dealer of Iball computers & accessories since 3years. Prior experience Dell Computers
Dhirendra Oza - 10 years experience as a Colgate distributor (south Mumbai)
Mahendra Oza-Sales manager


Product/Service Summary

(B2B) Retail Outlets Across India (Addressing Market size $1.5billion expected to grow 25% annually)
PB portables helps people to stay connected anytime anywhere through current business with over 100 retail outlets.
(B2B) & (B2C) E- Retail specifically for mobile phones & accessories (Market size 15.billion) - Starts with our current 112 outlet

How are we different?

Service-24 hours Onsite Replacements./Weekly visit from us to strengthen relationship with Retailers.
Price-Maximum retail price is kept 20 % less from our closest competitors .
Maximum retail margin given to retailers to push our product.
Quality-Only slim category highly portable power banks.
Easy to carry & can be tucked inside pockets.

Product/Service Descriptions