Power Generation from Artificial Water Stream - PGAWS

  • Bangalore, India
  • Energy & SustainabilityRenewable Energy, Energy, Clean Electricity

Come invest in an idea which will produce clean electricity round the clock without any input.

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Team Summary

I am the inventor of this idea and working alone till now. I studied Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. I am currently working a SaaS based product Company as a Technical Lead. I have 8+ years of work experience.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

PGAWS is a method to generate clean electricity without the input of any external energy. It's not a perpetual machine but a tricky design to re-use a part of its own power to sustain momentum. Because there is no input, any power generated from it is profit! It runs 24X7 & 365 days. Doesn't need permission from pollution board or labor court.

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