Phaneron Systems

  • Pune, India
  • Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Building Automation, User Experience, Mobile

Phaneron blends Technology with Design to effortlessly immerse People into Smart Environments

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Team Summary

Mrs. Anita is has been a practicing Architect for the last 25 years and is the Founder of Spacetech Designs, a leading Architecture and Interior Design Studio in Pune. She has great expertise and a large network in the Industry. She is our Mentor.
Mr. Thombre is the ex- MD and CEO of Dalmia Refractories Ltd. and is the Mentor for Strategy and Marketing. He is an excellent Manager and Strategist. He is our Mentor for Marketing and Business.
Raunak is an Engineering Design Graduate from IIT-M and is a Phd Student at the LMAS in UC Berkeley. He is the Founder of Infinite Uptime, a Silicon Valley- based Startup that optimizes Manufacturing through Sensor-based data-driven decisions. He is our Advisor.
Bhavin is a graduate from IIT-M. He has developed all the Backend, Frontend and Firmware. He is the Software Architect.
Ranjit is from VNIT Nagpur and has conceptualized the Product as well as designed the Hardware and User Interface.


Founding Team

Ranjit Bhinge

Anita Bhinge

Anita Bhinge

Co-Founder, Advisor
Bhavin Chandarana

Bhavin Chandarana


Mentors & Advisors

Deepak Thombre

Deepak Thombre

Raunak Bhinge

Raunak Bhinge


Product/Service Summary

Phaneron provides a wireless retrofit Automation product for new and existing spaces on an optimized open communication platform, with a revolutionary personalized User Interface that enables control and monitoring with absolute ease.

Product/Service Descriptions