PiGen Services

  • Bangalore, India
  • Logistics

We aim to bring courier services and customers to a common platform, bringing down prices and making premium services available to everybody


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Team Summary

The team comprises of fresh graduates from IIT Kharagpur. The members have a great deal of exposure in managing large scale events and have proven there mettle time and again. The tech front of the team is experienced in app and website development. It is a perfect combination of young enthusiastic people with a go anywhere, do anything attitude.


Product/Service Summary

PiGen uses a mobile application for individual customers to book there shipment. Trained professionals are then sent on customer's location to pick shipments. The shipments are then packed at a local warehouse and dispatched in bulk to courier companies.

How are we different?

Our main goal is to add value to the express and courier service industry by providing a hassle free experience in shipping a parcel to an individual customer. We stand firmly on our firm's goal- "snap, pick, pack, ship".

Product/Service Descriptions