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Plasticut are among the leading plastic solution providers in Australia

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Team Summary

Plasticut is an Australian owned & operated company providing plastic fabrication, repairs, design and engineering services. Proudly family-owned since 1978, Plasticut has earned a strong reputation for dependability, ingenuity, and high quality products. We operate from our large industrial premises in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, servicing


Product/Service Summary

Plasticut has professional CAD and CAM capabilities and a team with strong engineering skills. We have the experience to assist or completely develop any idea into a prototype for production. With plastic welding, machining & turning, cut to size, fabrication, as well as a friendly & professional attitude, Plasticut is a solution for any plastic

How are we different?

Our Campbellfiellld workshop is home to our expert design & fabrication team, where we service a wide range of industrial, engineering, manufacturing & domestic uses. We achieve customer satisfaction with our acrylic fabrication & point of sale displays, welding of custom tanks & liners, & industrial fabrication for the mining industry. We servic

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