Plus One Shopping Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mumbai, India
  • RetailRetail Technology, MarketingDigital Marketing (SEO/Automation), Big Data, Omnichannel Retail, Mobile

Curated Social Anniversary Shopping App. Linking Brands & interested users across sales channels.


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Team Summary

Sakeyt S- MBA
2 years in event industry helped in understanding Brand's perspective regarding Brand recall at Point Of Sale.
4 years experience in FMCG start up.

Kiran Sawant - Pursuing Ph.D. (IITB)
Certified inventor (patent in US PTO) and researcher with experience of 7 years in data management, ontology, SE and Natural Language Processing.


Product/Service Summary

Curated Social Anniversary Shopping App.
Helping Brands to target relevant users based on their spending patterns across the verticals (online & offline). Connecting Brands with users interested in buying their products/services. Encouraging users to shop more on occasions important to them. Creating & sharing wishlist with friends & family.

How are we different?

We are targeting planned shopping by users for special occasions. No dependence on "Sale" dates to shop.
Linking Brands to interested users via different sales channels (online/offline). Tool to design personalized offers for users based on their spending outside Brand's shopping environment. Brands can push specific sales channel as required.

Product/Service Descriptions