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POWr.io is rebuilding the web for the rest of us! 100K+ users in 4 months

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Team Summary

Ben Ross Ph.D - Founded Diassess, helped bring Go Overseas to profitability as senior engineer, and led development at The Spring.

Josh May - Serial entrepreneur with a background in communication design, Developed web plugins at SurgeFactory, and has intimate knowledge of the demands and the shortcomings of the current plugin landscape.


Product/Service Summary

We believe everyone should have the power to manage their websites without knowing any code, dealing with the mess of sitebuilders, and not having to micromanage an expensive programmer. We build beautiful, super simple plugins you can edit right on the page itself!

How are we different?

- We are able to work on every site on the web.

- Plugins like mailchimp, 123 Contact, and Poll Daddy are just 1 plugin on many platforms with 60% of their functionality never being used. We have 25 plugins on ALL platforms focused only on core functionality. We will have over 100 plugins by the end of the year.

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