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PracticeLeague has helped automate practices of 7000+ Lawyers from Law Firms & Corporate Legal Dept

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Team Summary

Praveen Kulkarni has 20+yrs of exp & is responsible for the design and delivery of PracticeLeague technology processes, products, & services.
Parimal Chanchani is responsible for marketing & sales at PracticeLeague & has 20+ yrs of exp.


Founding Team

Parimal Chanchani


Praveen Kulkarni


Product/Service Summary

PracticeLeague is the most advanced legal technology company which spans across India and other major countries. With the aid of advanced technology of AI and Big Data, PracticeLeague has transformed the workflow model of as many as 7000+ lawyers belonging to Major Law Firms and Legal Departments. With growing user base and untamed customer satisfaction, PracticeLeague has stood as one of the widely needed solutions in the Legal Technology Market today. The SaaS-based products of PracticeLeague is a suite of many tools integrated together to cater to each & every need of a lawyers practice. Therefore, PracticeLeague in a brief phase delivered comprehensive legal technology solutions and competitively priced secure products to a myriad of industries including, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Healthcare, & Media. The problem-solving & revenue generating capability of PracticeLeague products now need to be realized by every Law Firm and Legal Department globally.

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