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Pradjna is a revolutionary AI startup which provides 4th Generation (4G) infrastructure for Human Performance Management.

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Team Summary

Sunil Haridas is a professional manager with advanced engineering and management qualifications and more than 25 years of experience in the industry. His key strengths are in global service delivery and techno-management consulting. He has managed teams in US, Australia, UK and Asia Pacific . Sunil is an alumnus of IIM, Calcutta.
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Vinod Balakrishnan is a Mechanical Engineer and experienced entrepreneur based in Trivandrum, Kerala


Product/Service Summary

Prajdna ( ) is an Insightful HR Assistant with real time self-learning capabilities. Our USP is our revolutionary MI framework which unlike traditional AI/MI architecture ( Deep learning models like IBM Watson, Google Search ), closely follows the way human intelligence works. Thus our product provides a fault tolerant, adaptive and highly scalable solution.

We are associated with an existing company who have completed more than 4000 assessments of professional students in 20 plus institutional customers in Southern Kerala. Pradjna is our 4th generation product for Human Performance Management and an advancement over an existing online framework we have used in our assessments. As an assessment platform Pradjna has greater capability, larger scope and sharper product differentiation than traditional assessment systems. Another USP of Pradjna is our ability to assess a wide spectrum of motor skills – driving, welding and machinist skills.

How are we different?

Our USP is the capability to evaluate performance and skills of on a wide range of potential and existing employees. For example there are currently no effective assessment tools available to evaluate motor skills like driving, welding, machining. Pradjna has the capability to do the evaluation using simple input data interface. Similarly current performance assessment of employees more specifically in the supervisory roles is highly human dependent and hence biased. Our product complements manager inputs in such situations to make this less subjective and reduces the bias in evaluations. Through the use of regular and "Continuous Performance Management" model we can transform the current Bell Curve based performance management approach. Our platform is cloud based and hence highly scalable and available. It is also cost effective without compromising quality and hence ideally suited for tier 2 and 3 companies without the baggage of legacy HRMS systems.

Product/Service Descriptions