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We build Virtual Assistants using AI & ML to increase revenue and reduce cost for hospitals

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Team Summary

1) Dr. Akhila - Oral Implantologist; Practiced for 4 years; Managed one of the busiest clinics in Bangalore for 2 years; Her experiences led to this startup.
2) Srinath - Data Scientist; Played the most significant role in setting up Ekart (Supply chain of flipkart) Analytics Big Data platform that powers half a million deliveries per day
Full time Employees
3) Ankush - Machine Learning Developer; IIIT (ML Wizard) - published over 10 papers on advanced Machine learning
4) Dr. Swathi - General Medicine doctor who has been instrumental in advancing the diagnosis algorithm
5) Ramkrushna - Machine Learning Developer - Wizard No. 2
6) Divyansh - Data Analyst - the crux of our AI algorithm is the beauty of the data went inside it. The master behind it
Interns & Part-time work force
HR Intern - 1
Digital Marketing Interns - 3
Business Analyst Intern - 1
Web Development Interns - 3


Founding Team

Srinath Akula


Dr. Akhila Srinath


Product/Service Summary

Virtual Receptionist (BASIC):
- Answer all new patient queries – related to timings, doctors, specialties, facilities, insurances etc.,
- Book appointment with the right doctor & prepare case
- Maintain constant communication with patients

Virtual Receptionist (ADVANCED):
- Optimize the appointment schedule as per hundreds of criteria
- Reduce no-shows by filling in the slots with other through intelligence
- Enable automated transfers in case of doctor’s absence

Product/Service Descriptions