• Bangalore, India
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Online publication platform that empowers its users to create and discover next-gen publications

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Team Summary

We are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs trying to change the world, one thing at a time with technology. We believe that technology has the power to make our lives better. It is this prospect that we are most excited about.

Press31 was co-founded by Sunil kumar Pissaye and Satvik Shahapur in Bangalore, India.


Product/Service Summary

Press31 is an online publishing platform that empowers its users to create and consume interactive online publications.
Press31 intends to be the 'YouTube' in the publication ecosystem. The focus is to go beyond mere digitisation of content or creating distribution centre online and concentrate on creating a organic reading experience.

How are we different?

Online publishing currently has companies that are either distribution centres or tools that convert print to digital reading format.
At Press31 our primary focus is to enrich the online reading experience by introducing features such as reference reading, interactivity, animations all within the Press31 format.

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