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First-of-its-kind microblogging app to create world's first app-based Futuristic Society

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Released a refined ver of mobile apps which completes the development phase I




Team Summary

About myself, I am an Airline Captain with thousands of hours of flying experience. Programming has been my hobby since school days. I am currently flying for a domestic airline and use my savings to fund my startup.
I don't agree that presence of a larger team is must when there are so many venues to outsource the work and keep cost/headache in check. I believe in max outsourcing/min hiring at this stage and I followed what I believed so far. I have produced quality mobile applications using outsourcing route, without a single Employee! I have enough knowledge of the Technologies we used and have a keen interest in product designing, UI,UX. We have used the services from Russian and Australians in developing the mobile apps. I have full control over the production. With fund raising, I plan to build a marketing team mainly.


Founding Team

CEO @ ProFcee. Also, an airline Captain actively flying. Self-funded the venture so far with savings from salary.


Dealyourself Internet Private Limited (2014 - present)

Product/Service Summary

ProFcee is a microblogging mobile application like Twitter for iOS and Android Platform, where a user can post his futuristic Observation just about anything he/she likes - Science, Politics, People, Nature, Friends, Family. If 29 users agree to it, we print the prediction in an annual ProFcee coffee table book. Now its easy to record your observations and get credit in future, if it comes true. A user can chat in private with other users who agree to his/her posts.

Product/Service Descriptions