Purchasekaro Online shopping pvt. ltd

  • Vadodara, India
  • E-commerce

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

3 directors.
Yogeshwar thakkar - Good at innovation who knows how to innovate and execute it
Kevat mody - He is our business head who is master in handling people.
Yax Sheth - He is going to deal with services of our business. He knows what public wants and how to fulfill that.

1 more leader
Siddharth Joshi - He is technical head


Product/Service Summary

We are developing marketplace where we will make seller and customers together. We will provide them platform. E-Commerce is facing lots of competitions nowadays but still India has lots of potential left

How are we different?

We knows we have big giant competitors but we will make our space in eCommerce

Some unique features
- B2C + B2B
- Everything will be available on our website which can be purchased online like online recharge (mobile+DTH),flight bus hotel booking
- Purchasekaro business owner
- Aam admi plan
- and many more

Product/Service Descriptions