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Team Summary

Prof. Lakshmi Narasimhan has vast experience in all aspects of University education and
was the member of the NBA Core Committee that designed the Tier-I and Tier-II
accreditation manuals. Further, he has been on accreditation panels of ABET (USA) and
IEAust (Australia). He is well-published in accreditation related issues. Furthermore, he
has over 350 publications and obtained US$7 million in funding for his works. He is a
Fellow of IET (UK), BCS (UK) and ACS (Australia) and IEAust (Australia). These are lead
bodies of accreditation in these countries as well.


Product/Service Summary

Quasar has developed a solution that addresses all data and information related
issues towards the generation of SAR. Quasar's web-based application completely
automates the entire SAR generation and maintenance and, guides College
authorities towards successful submission of their SAR report/s.

How are we different?

o Web and cloud based system
o Automatic data collection of various disparate data sets
o Co-location of all data sets over a cloud environment so that
access is possible
o Automated SAR guidelines
o Various Output-Outcome Mappings & their explanations .

Product/Service Descriptions