Quedz (Quality Education Zone)

  • Bhopal, India
  • EducationEducation Technology, EducationE-learning, SaaS, Subscription Commerce

Quedz helps kids to improve their concepts with a unique mix of E-learning & scientific evaluation

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Team Summary

For a B2C Quedz startup - Neeti has over a decade of experience working with IT giants like Genpact, Accenture, KPMG & HCL mostly in MIS automation and workflow management profile. in 2013, she started her own software firm in her home town i.e. Bhopal and has extensively worked on software developments. She has very good exposure of working of scheduling softwares during her stint with these IT companies which she has used very effectively in developing this software.


Founding Team

Current - Director @ IDS Websoft , Previously - Managing Partner @ I Deliver Solutions, Worked in MIS and WFM roles @ Genpact, Accenture, KPMG & HCL Technology

Kuldeep Shukla


Product/Service Summary

Quedz or Quality Education Zone is a web and mobile enabled platform to help Parents / Schools / Home Tutors/ Coaching Centres etc.to impart quality digital education to the kids in the form of time managed video lectures and course content delivery management system. This system has analytics to evaluate the kids after each session and send regular notifications to the parents on kids development. We are at proof of concept stage looking to raise funds, ranging between USD 1-1.5 Mn, through angel investors and funds.

Product/Service Descriptions