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Qwikspec brings the power of mobility to the field with an easy to use tablet interface to perform inspections.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



Scheduling a Job (Fire Safety Inspection Example) | Ajith Alexander

This is the flow of scheduling a daily Fire Safety inspection shift in a Facility Management use case.


Day Job Inspection Flow (Product Video) | Ajith Alexander

Illustrates the use case when a field inspector is assigned for a Day Job, i.e. when a specific asset and inspection is not pre-determined but decided by the inspector on site.


Normal Inspection Flow (Product Video) | Ajith Alexander

Illustrates how QwikSpec can be used by a field inspector to inspect any pre-scheduled type of equipment. It provides a simple interface that allows filling equipment details, filling the checklist including taking photos, reviewing, and uploading.




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Team Summary

The team includes experienced professionals from the IT industry who have demonstrated execution capabilities with reputed companies across various geographies. Ajith Alexander was a Business Development Director with Cisco, a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company, and Senior Manager Strategy & Operations with Dubai World. Roby Kurien handled Engineering, Quality and Systems in companies like Sirf, Kyocera, Impulsesoft, and Motorola. Both Ajith and Roby have close to 20 years of experience across India, Singapore, and Dubai. Rajesh Bhat has expertise in Cloud architecture and implementation with more than 10 years in Condor Networks and Onmobile. Harikishore Tadigotla comes with expertise in big data and analytics with close to 12 years experience in companies like Nokia, KPIT Cummins, Selectica, and JP Morgan.


    • Roby Kurien

    • Co-Founder

    • Rajesh Bhat

    • Architect

    • Harikishore Tadigotla

    • Architect

Product/Service Summary

Qwikspec is a transformational software application for field inspections and asset management. The solution leverages the IT trend of mobility and cloud computing. It addresses pain points of manual process delays, document management, version control, data analytics, and audit control that customers currently face.

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