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Our enterprise drone operating system is going to change the way drones are flown, with full automation and AI handling pilot-less flight

Beta Launched

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‘Demo’ zeroes down on the brightest startups of this year | CIO Year Ahead

R2 Robotronics was amongst the 15 startups shortlisted for the CIO Year Ahead 2017 conference, to discuss about the next gen tech coming in.

Nov 24, 2016


Drone startups: You name it, we have it | Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle got into a conversation with us during the World Startup Expo

Nov 22, 2016


Visit Startup India & Startup EU-India Summit, 17-20 October 2016 Delhi-NCR & Bengaluru | Startup Europe India Network

The Visit Startup India event was conducted by the Network and R2 Robotronics was the winner of the Delhi edition of the pitching event.

Oct 20, 2016


Business Startup Spotlight: R2 Robotronics Private Limited | FundingSAge

FundingSage throws some spotlight on our business model and plans

Aug 31, 2016


R2 Robotronics - An Award Winning Jaarvis Accelerator Incubated Startup | BW Disrupt

BW Disrupt, a part of the Business Week covers us, discussing our latest achievements and future plans

Aug 29, 2016


Sky Is the Limit For Startup UAV Leaders – R2 Robotronics | Networked India

Networked India did a piece on us and our idea in the month of May, 2016, when we were in final phase of development of the system. The article talks about our journey so far and the where do we see us going.

May 23, 2016


Company Incorporated



New Team Member

Hired 6 interns



R&D agreement with a company



Received accelerator funding


Media Coverage

Networked India did a piece on us covering the product and also the future


New Product Release

Finished product testing, first prototype complete


Media Coverage

Coverage by Deccan Chronicle, at the World Startup Expo


Media Coverage

Covered by the CIO Year Ahead team for being shortlisted to demo at the event



Team Summary

We have a diverse team with a fresher engineer working with an ex-Project Manager from Australia.
Aman - Fresher engineer with a passion for robotics and technical know-how
Anirudh - Engineer in Physics who has a mind which looks at things with a view to break it apart
Rakesh - There is hardly a profession he hasn't taken up. Our investor and HR


Product/Service Summary

Our Drone Swarm Navigation System (DROSNAS) is made to fly drones in a semi-autonomous mode wherein the pilot does not fly a drone but a server does. The Flight Server maintains link with all the drones in flight and keeps tracking them using a communications layer. This tracking information is available to the pilot in the form of an interactive map, similar to that seen by an air traffic controller inside ATC Tower at airports.

This system has the following features –
• Autonomous mode of flight
• Two-way communication between Base and Drone
• UI panel for observation
• Database for logging trips, orders and user data
• Emergency Call-back option
• SMS alerts for your client to approve / abort delivery
• GPS / GSM enabled all-weather communication backbone
• Plug and Play style of operation
• Option to draw your own flight path

How are we different?

• Products across sectors, right from Logistics, to Defense
• Focus on R&D gives us the edge on technology, which is harnessed as products
• Lack of specialized Drone makers in the Defense sector gives us the edge
• With plans of diversifying into Agri sector soon, we will be one of the only companies to have such a wide portfolio

Our enterprise drone swarm management platform is a one-of-its kind in the world

Product/Service Descriptions