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  • Hyderabad, India
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r3 hospitals save 2 lives every 50 kms each day,with profits of 3 % and which is highly scalable

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Team Summary

dr rajshekar sedamkar brings in a vast experience of 20 yrs in saving lives of accident victims and is instumental in commissioning viable,profitable and scalable hospital model,
till date he has started 3 hospitals across hyderbad mumbai highway,and validated the profit of margins at 35 %,the pilot was dine each in tier 1,2 and 3 cities


Product/Service Summary

r3 hospitals is a chain of accident hsopitals across highways which are saving 2 lives each 50 kms ande is run by proffesional and experienced doctors,with a profit margins of 35 %

How are we different?

there is around 1 lakh national highway in india with 50000 death per day due to accidents,and 80 % deaths are in rural set up where there are no hospitals,till date no hospital or organisation has ventured into this ascpect due to non viability of such ventures, we have not only sustained but also validated our profits at 35 % for last 5 years

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