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  • Mumbai, India
  • Information/TechSearch, Consumer Internet

Solution for consumer’s from offline marker and will also help for those on offline business


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Team Summary

My name is Ravi Bhandari. I am the only founder and this idea is from me(from 2017). in 2015 my colleague and me started a start up firm called online solution for consumers medical requirement (online medicine shop)


Founding Team

ravi bhandari


Product/Service Summary

consumer or User to understand the availability of their required things, product Commodity etc in their nearest retailers or malls or in wholesaler. As you know in India most of time people don’t know where find something ( things they need )
E.g. We need one particular brand TV ( or any other things) or particular TV model (one example). Most of the time consumer used to search from Google and this reliable search engine provided the nearest shop name and location. However, the Google never says the availability of that product in Retail shop or wholesaler (Because of lack of update).many a time consumer never gets the required product and they get convinced for another similar kind of product. For this time the consumer may need reliable local product search engine which can help to get the exactly the same product in their nearest location (in another shop) with exact quantity. This will also help to rural area consumer to get their required product in the nearest location.

Product/Service Descriptions