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Image recognition mobile app lets you take a pic of anything and buy it. Like a visual Shazam. Also helps companies market their products.

Early Revenues

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Funded by Indian Angel Network



New Team Member

Co- Founder, CTO, and Mentor - Hiren Turakhia of IAN and HCL Europe


New Team Member

Android and iOS Developers Recruited


New Product Release

iOS and Android Apps Launched


New Product Release

Second office Opened in Mumbai



Reliance Retail, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Croma, Prime, all signed on Pilots



Company - Pixarium Systems Incorporated






Team Summary

Vishrut Jhawar - Founder - BSc Boston University, School of Management, Finance.
Hiren Turakhia - Head, Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) Europe


    • Hirren Turakhia

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Scan It is a image recognition mobile app that facilitates online shopping, information transparency, and helps retailers connect directly with potential customers at the right place and more importantly, the right time. Here's how it works -
All a user needs to do is take a picture of any product that they like and Scan It automatically gives them the following information -
1. Product Description
2. Where It's Available in Physical Retail (Scan It Store Locator) - With more details about the store
3. Option to Order it Online from one of many retailers
4. Get more information about the product from a range of different websites
5. Find out which retailers have discounts and offers on the particular product
Scan It has proven to be a good solution for people to gain information quickly and conveniently and has proven to be a great marketing platform for our clients, such as Reliance Retail, Tata Retail, Future Group and the Emami Group among others

How are we different?

Scan It's image recognition is more powerful than any other available service in India as it has the capability of recognising everything from clothes, accessories, electronics, toys and cars all the way to sports equipment, plants, animals and food with minimal human input. This doesn't just make Scan It a convenient online shopping tool, but also allows users to use Scan It as a seamless way of getting information about anything they see at the push of a button.

On the online shopping front, all the other online retailers and aggregators make customers use text based search to look for products and buy them, we are one of a kind, we are innovative, we our users find out more about products along with buy them or even find out where to get the product at the best price. All the user needs to do is take a picture with the mobile camera. We're faster, convenient and fun.

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