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Redsun Academy

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Team Summary

I am working as a Principal of a reputed school in our locality. my fifteen years experience in the field of education gave me passion to help the students for a quality education. Observing the problems of the students in India, I decided to start this online education service.


Product/Service Summary

We provide video lessons online and exams for the better learning of the students. Our target students are from 9th Standard to Post Graduation level. We shoot video lessons of expert teachers and prepare questions papers of various forms and publish in the website. Students will take admission with a fee of 1000 (INR) per academic year and access.

How are we different?

Most of the institutions in India are functioning commercial based. Students may not follow a particular teacher, If they don't understand the concept the lecture is not repeated. Some times he can't attend the class. Most of Govt. institutions are not giving good education.. Some prefer Distance education.. Redsun Academy is a solution to them.

Product/Service Descriptions