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Reelmonk brings Malayalam Cinema at the same time as the theatrical release legally to Malayalis

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Team Summary

Blaise M Crowly, Co-founder, System Security expert and ethical hacker with 5 years experience in the industry as security consultant
Jibnu Chacko, Chief Content Manager, Civil Engineer turned Actor turned Film Distributor with 4 years experience
Vivek Paul, Co- founder, B.A economics, St. Xavier's, Mumbai, work experience at NCPA and GPTW, Mumbai


    • Rajeev Ravi

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Product/Service Summary

Reelmonk is an online film distribution platform that distributes the latest Malayalam films to Keralites (in all countries or select countries) using our proprietary media player (similar to iTunes) in which films can be accessed in high definition. The content is protected using an indigenous DRM technology.

How are we different?

• Download and Own films - Download allows users to build a library of their favourite films and consume them even while on the move without consuming bandwidth. Users can also watch on-demand by streaming as it downloads.
• Proprietary DRM technology- Operational cost is variable and comparitively low

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