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Team Summary

I am still meeting people to be a part of my team, but one will surely from the corporate background. I foresee a team of at least 12-15 professionals working under me.


Product/Service Summary

Giggly me will cater to the needs of the grown ups in their personal space. All in the fun zone... The tag line will be 'All things fun' thus indicating that we cater to the needs of the senses and pleasure largely, with other products like exotic lingerie and inner wears for all.

How are we different?

We are different in the sense that we personalize our products and relate it to the idea of fun and entertainment. We don't keep it hush hush, neither do we go out of the way and shout about it loud. We do it subtly where people take the point home and our products in their bedrooms. We promote it through events, shows, email and social media.

Product/Service Descriptions