Reign India

  • Delhi, India
  • Fashion, clothes

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

I am alone working on this product. because i have technical and market experience related to work. this product is from grass- roots because my father is a very famous and skilled tailor and i know everything related to his work. which type of problem they are facing.


Product/Service Summary

Reign India -rejuvenating fashion is a Mob. App.
We are an online tailor store, We can create any clothes such as Suits,Shirts,Blazers,Pants,Vests,Accessories,weddings,suits for women, work clothes,custom tailored suits and so on at a fraction of price. We have a group of excellent tailors. They have been tailored clothes for more than 30 years.

How are we different?

user satisfaction is first and last step for any business. and In India textile industries play big role in the sense of revenue.there are several organised and unorganized retail industries. so we direct go to the customer and full fill their demand and choice. we are going to make an platform where they can easily design their clothes itself.

Product/Service Descriptions