• Mumbai, India
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Remedi is an on-demand healthcare marketplace which delivers Medicine, Patanjali etc under 90 Mins.

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Team Summary

I have known Ankit since the last 8 years and we have worked on many ventures before this. We were the youngest to ever compete in IIT-B Robowars (15) two years in a row.

Sunny and Anshul are my classmates and we have previously worked together in organizing our college events after which we decided to work together on REMEDI.


Product/Service Summary

Remedi allows users to order their Medicines, Patanjali, Organic Groceries and more with an easy 3 Step process and then delivers under 90 Mins. We have our own delivery fleet to provide the best service. This helps us in making sure there are no order cancellations, a problem which our competition faces. We have had sales of Rs.13500 in 6 days.

How are we different?

We don't believe that delivery under 90 minutes is our primary USP, as we maintain our own delivery fleet we make sure all the medicines are delivered. A Customer has to visit at least 2 shops to get all his medicines and we want Remedi to be his one stop shop right in his smartphone.

Product/Service Descriptions