Restokart Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mumbai, India
  • Food & BeveragesFood, Logistics, Restaurant

Restrokart is a digital food ordering application that provides amazing dining experience to users.

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Team Summary

Suraj kumar Gantayat (Founder & CTO): His mantra in life is that there is no substitute for hard work. Currently pursuing PhD in IIT and has a successful start-up background.

Shashank Mehendale (Co-founder & CEO): With 23 years of experience in HR, Operations and business management, has successfully grown start-ups from early stage and played a significant role in building & establishing businesses from scratch.

Subrat kumar Gantayat: His immense knowledge in latest technology & start-up space makes him an integral part of RestroKart. Has 4 years’ experience in software development.

D Nagaraj: He is highly competent in the technical field and has a work experience of 4 years.


Founding Team

Shashank Mehendale


Suraj Gantayat


Product/Service Summary

Restrokart Services Pvt Ltd. ( is a technology product based company venturing into the food domain. Our idea is to create an environment with in the restaurant that will provide amazing dining experience to the customers and also improve the operation and services of the restaurant. We have developed an end to end restaurant management application with a digital food ordering menu on the front end and a robust billing, reporting & data management system at the back end.

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