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We are building a platform where people can Learn, Interact, Ask Questions and if needed procure stuff they want for their Ideas.

Early Revenues

Startup Video


Founded was fouded



website launch

We operationalised our website.


Our first Workplace

We rented out an office where we were in reshaping




Because of a great traction we shifted to 3 fold bigger place


1.5 Cr Turnover

Met major financial milestone.




ODOO Developer Software Engineer
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Pune, India
Python, ODOO, openERP

Job Description
Duties and Responsibility

We need a driven individual who can:

    Design and implement product features independently
    Write efficient, testable, and efficient code
    Program server side logic to power analytics platform
    Integrate various data sources
    Communicate well with relevant stakeholders

Qualification / Required Skill-Set:

    Excellent analytical skills and understanding of computing fundamentals
    Experience in Python, with knowledge of at least one Python web framework
    Experience with Relational Database Systems (i. e. Oracle, MySQL)
    Experience with version control tools (i. e. Git, Perforce, Mercurial or SVN )
    Basic knowledge of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
    Basic knowledge of Linux shell scripting, system administration experience is a plus.
    Basic knowledge of container technologies (i.e. Docker) is a plus.
    Basic communication skills (written and verbal)

Team Summary

Complementary skill-sets, precise customers identification and efficient product percolation are our greatest strengths. Its been almost 10 seamless years in which we brainstormed a lot and just two years ago we learned to call it a startup


Founding Team



Current CO-Founder, ME, Thermal & Fluids, IISc, Bangalore-2012 Worked in EATON R&D, Ashok Leyland Engines.


Ashok Leyand technical centre, Chennai (2012 - present)
Deputy Manager

Ashok Leyland technical center, Chennai (2012 - present)
Deputy Manager


Shree Shivaji ScienceCollege
Class X

Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Maharashtra Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Atul Dumbre

Atul Dumbre


M-Tech Renewable Energy studies, Pune university-2013 • Worked for 1 year in Manufacturing • Expertise: Product roadmaps, Supply Chain

Binod Prasad

Binod Prasad


BE mechanical • Worked for 2 yrs in ITDC handling site operations • Expertise:Project Head EasyMech- Brand of for mechanical components Mechanical product expert. Logistic Management

jayesh Jain

jayesh Jain


BE Computers • Founded ‘whitespark technologies’ while in college • Expertise: Software & Electronics development

Product/Service Summary

We are into a field of highly technical products and they give a user an extremely hard time to get along with them, specially those who like to 'Do-it-themselves',So to overcome this problem,We are building a platform where people can learn and make things based on their imagination,interact,ask questions and procure stuff if needed.
We sell more than 2100 different products on our website, the worth mentioning are batteries, motors, motor drivers development boards, sensors and we have a team which specialize in each domain who takes care of customers technical needs. We have a very efficient supply chain procurement channels which lets us earn markup of 20% to 100% on top selling categories.
We are a fast growing business with an excellent traction and we want to help people to 'MAKE THINGS WITH EASE'.

Product/Service Descriptions