Roysum Mind power Institute

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There is a powerful giant in every human-being known as the mind, waiting to be tapped, tuned, trained and tamed!!!

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Team Summary

Shamanth, after his telecommunications engineering, became an event manager driven by passion. He has executed a lot of events throughout his career. He has worked with various brands & corporate companies.
Bhavini, a commerce graduate has been in an IT industry for more than a decade. She has handled business operations for a huge corporate co.


Product/Service Summary

We are a training institute who trains people on how to achieve their goals by utilising their own mind to the maximum extent. We conduct seminars and workshops for general public, corporates & educational institutions on mind mastery which will equip them with tools and techniques which can be applied in both professional & personal life.

How are we different?

Our training programmes focus on building the basic foundation for people which is their mind. Once the foundation is set strong, they can build whatever they want on it, to achieve the 3 ultimate goals of life :
Success, Peace of Mind & Happiness.
Our training programmes come at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford it & make use of it.

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