• Hyderabad, India
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Ruepay-A simple and secure way to pay your restaurant/bar bill by splitting with your friends.

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Android Developer Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Mobile Developer
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Hyderabad, India
1-3 years work experience

Job Description
We are startups so we need some one whom we can trust and who is skilled,

Team Summary

We are cousins and well known with each other from childhood. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and willing to do what ever we can possibly do to achieve our dream.


Product/Service Summary

RUEPAY - A simple and secure way to pay your restaurant/bar bill. It gives a hassle free way so that you can enjoy the dine with your friends or family. Ruepay uses a secure process to make sure that all your data is safe. You can do many more with Ruepay like splitting your bill with your friends, pre -booking your cab or table. You can even set

How are we different?

we provide live billing info and also a option for the customer to select budget limit for his/her dine.

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