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Arming runners with the power of data and paving way for continuous improvement.

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Team Summary

2 founders -
VIkas is an MBA, Engineer from ISB, Hyderabad and NIT Hamirpur respectively, with over 7 years of experience in engineering and marketing roles. Vikas manages the business and product side of Runizen.
Krishan Rana - is the hardcore operations guy. He ensures that the wheels are in motion and the fans never stop turning.


Product/Service Summary

We provide RFID timing service to race organizers. Each runner has a uniquely identifiable RFID chip which is recorded when they pass through timing zones. The race results are the deliverables to the race organizers. We are experimenting with wearable tech to make the running experience more engaging and effective for the runners.

How are we different?

We are the first Indian company to have a home grown product in the marathon timing industry. We are active runners our selves. For us its about creating products best suited for the Indian runners and conditions. Having developed the product ourselves we can customise the offering easily hence providing a better experience to the runners.

Product/Service Descriptions