Sacona Entertainment India Pvt Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • Media & EntertainmentEntertainment, Manufacturing, Gaming

Sacona is MAKE IN INDIA company innovating products for entertainment & gaming industry.

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Team Summary

Sachin Bharadwaj, Founder Director & CEO is an electronics and communication engineer from MIT, Manipal; with a general management qualification from IIMB.
Mona Bharadwaj, Founder Director Marketing is an E&C engineer from RVCE, Bangalore.
Deepak Dwivedi, Director Design & Aesthetics is an electrical & electronics engineer from MIT, Manipal.


    • Mona Bharadwaj

    • Co-Founder

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

Sacona Entertainment India Pvt Ltd. is a MAKE IN INDIA company manufacturing products for gaming, entertainment and amusement industry. Sacona is advancing steadily in the domain of MechaTronics, manufacturing end-to-end complex mechanical systems, writing software and developing IOT enabled platforms.

How are we different?

Sacona is innovating physical sports activity simulators like Dodgeball Simulator, Soccer Simulator, Catchball Simulator. Sacona owns IP with complete design, development and manufacturing done in-house. User interfaces, software programming & integration is also done by Sacona. World's first personal game-theater too was invented by Sacona.

Product/Service Descriptions