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SafeYatra - next Gen travel safety app

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Team of 5 bring in a blend of operational, analytics, financial and behavioral expertise. Gopal is ex-IIMB with experience of starting companies. Snigdha and Susheela bring in behavioral expertise. Maneesh has held leadership positions in multiple fortune 500 companies. Pramod is an analytics expert with 14 years of consulting experience.


Product/Service Summary

SafeYatra identifies potential safety breaches during travel and provides automated alerts. It draws a safety net from start point to destination and sends alerts when user moves outside the safety net. During journey user's trackers can see real time position of the user. The app can be used anywhere in the world. There is a defined revenue model

How are we different?

SafeYatra uses analytics based algorithm to identify potential detours. No other solution provides automated alerts when user encounters potential danger during travel. Our solution also allows real time tracking on the map. This is a globally scalable solution (since creation of safety net is done through algorithm) with defined revenue model.

Product/Service Descriptions