• Ålesund, Norway
  • Mobile

Share Local Information Globally

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Team Summary

Ciprian Pater
Leon Eriksen
Suraj Srinivasan
Zois Avgerinos


Product/Service Summary

SaidHere is an effective and intuitive application for real-time worldwide sharing of local information.

SaidHere enables public interaction with geo-tagged content such as text, images and video uploaded across the globe.

SaidHere´s users can engage each other through public or private comments and through private messaging with enabled geo-fen

How are we different?

• Tell your surroundings what occurs now in you’re near proximity.

• Raise awareness about accidents, hazards, violence and threats.

• Share happy and fun events, meetings, parties and the feelings.

• Don´t wait for the news to tell the world, you can tell the story!

• History is written by users, leave your mark on the digital world.

• Let yo

Product/Service Descriptions