Sarangi, the Kanjivaram sari store

  • Chennai, India
  • Retail, Social Impact, Indian Ethnicwear, sarees, E-commerce

Sarangi makes it easy to shop online for a Kanjivaram silk saree. A luxury brand supporting handloom weavers in southern India.

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Assocham-IMC Heritage Award | Sarangi

Sarangi is the recipient of Assocham-IMC Heritage Award for its role in promotion of the Kanjivaram silk saree.

Feb 23, 2010


Physical store launched.



Assocham Award Received

ASSOCHAM-IMC HERITAGE AWARD 2010 for its role in promotion of the Kanjivaram.



Ecommerce Store Launched

The ecommerce store was launched in Aug 2015.




Team Summary

Prabodh Jain, co-founder of :

☐ (2009) Sarangi, the Kanjivaram sari store
☐ (2007) Rasvihar jewellery
☐ (2011) Padma Paaduka handwoven saris

The other co-founder exited in 2014; now Prabodh wholly owns all 3 above businesses.

☐ Founder (1993 to 2008), Envission Communication Pvt. Ltd., branding, marcom services.
☐ Co-founder (2010),; Prabodh exited in 2014.
☐ Co-founder (2002-04), VR4U Technologies Pvt. Ltd., virtual reality and 3D visualisation.

Education : B.Tech, chemical engg. 1985 graduate Anna University (A.C. College of Technology)

Committee member, Friends of Tribals Society, Chennai chapter

Summary : 30+ years work experience, incl. multiple startups. Proven, strong execution skills in all aspects of ecommerce and retail business esp. branding and marketing. One of the early entrants in ecommerce. Passionate about the power of ecommerce and digital technologies in transforming retail business.


Product/Service Summary

Kanjivaram silk sarees. Ecommerce plus retail store. More than 10000 subscribers to daily email newsletter Sarangi's Sari of the Day. Luxury brand exports to 12 countries and shipping to 40 cities in India. Provides regular work to 100s of handloom weavers in rural India.

How are we different?

Sarangi is the only store specialising in Kanjivarams - handwoven silk sarees. We offer a curated selection which helps the customer quickly find what they are looking for. Our product specialists provide assisted shopping to the shopper to help them clearly understand the product - design, weave, colour and fabric.

Product/Service Descriptions