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We believe in providing exposure to students and guide them on a path that builds them into a job-creator rather than a job seeker.

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Team Summary

Sarthy's biggest strength is its team, not just the 3 Co-founders (all three from IITD) but the team of 50+ IITD students, alumni & full-time employees who have worked as hard as anyone of us here to make Sarthy what it is today. Dedication, a "go-get-that-done" attitude & a common belief is all that a team needs & we boast of each one of these.


    • Prateek Sharma

    • Co-Founder, CEO

    • Yash Gupta

    • Co-Founder, CTO

Product/Service Summary

A robust professional networking portal which serves as a mentor-ship, internship/job, alumni database management and discussions platform for colleges and students. Cross-college connection opportunities (alumni student & student student) and startup networking with alumni, students and other startups are key features of Sarthy Mentorship Portal.

How are we different?

Even though the idea is a unique one & a one of its kind yet the idea is not what's important. Its the execution & that's what differentiates us. Running ahead with timelines is an official practice at Sarthy. With transparency with the employees being a priority, each & every one of the team has an equal say in company decisions as the Heads.

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