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ONE 'Smart Business card" for entire life for seamless sharing, sorting and storing in mApp, cloud.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Product roadmap defined, spec defined and development work is kickstarted



New Team Member

Found a great team member who is a great addition to app dev team;


New Product Release

PoC screens in place



Team Summary

Meena Sivan, founder of this venture with over a decade of experience in mPayment program launches across geographies from concept to commerce kind of experience. Swami Nathan co-founder and CTO - who is a passionate tech entrepreneur and has prior experience in launching a company and building products and impressive clientele. Other team members who are part of this venture are experienced mobile application designers and developers with in-depth experience in mobile application deployments.


Product/Service Summary

Share your contact info not the physical card. Don't print tons of them, all you need is ONE Card for lifetime even if you change your contacts frequently.
A 'device' with a unique id is attached to the smart business card. Upon tapping this device with another, mobile app reads the id, identifies the user and downloads contact, sorts & stores

How are we different?

No scanning business cards, uploading manually. Tap one's card against that of another, the mobile app paired up with the card receives, sorts, labels and stores it for you. Its as seamless as a handshake. The labelling, grouping by timestamp, location makes it easy to recall & retrieve. Great tool for business/field professionals.

Product/Service Descriptions