Spiral Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mumbai, India
  • Content Marketing , Branded Content, Content

We are building intelligent tools and adding expertise in helping brands become publishers.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



Media house Indian Express invests in four tech startups | Thinking Aloud

Announcing Lonely Planet gracing the Scatter content marketplace.

Nov 19, 2015


Face Off: We have global ambitions for Scatter, says Rajan | Financial Express

A detailed interview with our CEO and Founder on our ambitions and the content marketing landscape.

Jul 21, 2015


Content Marketing In India Is Like A Plane All Set To Takeoff | Ad Age India

Our first detailed interview on the content marketing space and a few details on our services.

Jun 05, 2015


Mahindra Holidays & Gionee encouraged by early Scatter experiences | India Digital Review

Positive client experiences with Scatter.

Apr 21, 2015


Former IBNLive CEO Rajan Srinivasan launches content marketplace Scatter | Medianama.com

Our launch coverage.

Feb 02, 2015


Team Summary

We are a team of 14 people which include 2 co-founders, an editorial services head, a technical lead and a product & strategy head. Besides the 2 co-founders, the tech team consists of 2 people, the BD and Alliances team consists of 5 people, 3 content writers, 2 people in the product team. The team has a total of 85+ man years work experience.


Product/Service Summary

An assisted content marketplace which helps brands curate, syndicate and commission content. This is built on the back of a 'content recommendation engine' to help brands become publishers instantly. The supply side of this marketplace consists of content creators while the demand side includes organizations and brands that have a digital presence.

How are we different?

Most other content marketplaces are just that i.e. a marketplace. Our belief is that marketplaces have 2 challenges i.e. quality & inspiration to transact. Given the fact that this is a controlled marketplace, we have ensured brands of high pedigree on the demand and supply side. For inspiration, our recommendation engine is the big differentiator.

Product/Service Descriptions