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It is an Advt Platform for preschools and It creates powerful connection btw school/Teachers/Parents

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Team Summary

We are the right team who can grow this business because the combined exp of 4 member core team is 42 Yrs that caters to various Industries like Banking/Software/QA/Business Analyst. Non-Core Team of 6 quality developers are working on the product. Founder has 10 Yrs of IT exp and a stint in running his own profitable organisation in his early days


Product/Service Summary

"School SmartConnect - An Ed tech Mobile App which helps schools and preschools.Unique features of this app creates an effective and personalized communication among all the stakeholders of school , teachers with students to stay connected always.School smart connect is an easy to use Mobile App for communication from school to parents and students

How are we different?

Currently Market players offer high cost ERP solutions to Schools, which runs mainly on a desktop and browser dependent. It will no way increase their admission rates. But we offer a robust mobile app at affordable price which creates a powerful connect btw School/Parents/Teachers. It is an amazing Advt Platform that increases admissions instantly.

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