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Seco helps corporate giants recognize its weaknesses before the fraudulent hackers can Misuse Them.


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Team Summary

Nikhil Kulshrestha - aged 20 years, the Founder Of Seco. Veritable wizard of technology who is a cyber-security expert, an ethical hacker, an entrepreneur and an avid speaker on security solutions.

Piyush Dhawan - The CMO of Seco piyush is a marketing expert, He is a combination of Marketing and technology.

Prahlad Kakkar - The CTO of Seco, An ethical hacker specialised in so many programming languages, A great Penetration tester

We three are a perfect combination.


Founding Team

Nikhil Kulshrestha


Product/Service Summary

Seco Cyber Security is a cyber security start-up which will help corporate giants safe from cyber attacks. We are friendly hackers who helps corporate giants recognize its weaknesses before the fraudulent hackers can use them adversely.
Seco focuses on providing specialized services called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. The former helps to discover the security loopholes present in organization’s systems but does not exploit the vulnerabilities. The latter is employed to demonstrate how damaging security vulnerabilities could be in a real cyber-attack. We provide a comprehensive picture of the security deficiencies that exist within the IT infrastructure and applications, and the potential impact. . Seco informs the corporations about their glitches before any damageable cyber attack. We at Seco Cyber Secutities will provide the best cyber solutions to every company.

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