Senfina Alliance plc

  • Bangalore, India
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Building the Richest Consumer Transaction Database in India and ShoppingJoe Mobile App for Consumers

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

I am the CEO, with 25 years of experience, 17 in IT Product Dev. Worked for large multi nationals, in Sr. Mgmt Roles.

Co-Founder 2 has 14 years of software product development experience, and led Mobile Development & Strategy for large multi nationals. We have worked together earlier.


Product/Service Summary

Building the easiest way to shop for groceries - through a mobile app called ShoppingJoe - from any Store. This helps us collect the data to build the richest consumer transaction database, which marketers will exploit for making highly targeted offers. We capture the data, anonymise it and offer the data, to marketers for revenue.

How are we different?

1) Maturity and Completeness of Idea
2) Rich past experience in Software Product Development
3) Vastly Superior Functionality of Product vs. competition
4) Very High Quality of App being developed
5) Maturity and Mobile/Cloud Software Development Experience of the Team
6) Identification of Multiple Follow through Revenue Streams

Product/Service Descriptions